Brand Identity

Branding Brand

Are you starting a new business? Your company has a new product / service and you are not sure how to advertise it? Competition marketing is more efficient than yours? Once your vehicle shined and now has lost its fame and you're not sure how to raise your image? Nettrade understands you. We have daily contact with the customer finding 360 grade solutions for your brand. We create professional and unique identities to meet the company's needs and to adapt to trends in a digital economy. Our proposals are based on results, tested and proven by staff made by experts of respective fields.

Here's How We Develop Your Brand IIdentity

What Is A Brand

A brand identity is a collection of elements of tangible and intangible assets associated with the brand. Benefits of a mark can be emotional, feelings that offers are rational and that we can benefit from it. It lives in the mind of your audience. The essence of a brand is the inspiration, vision and the reason behind it. For a brand to be successful it have to be clear and requires promotion.

How Can An Improved Identity Make Your Business Better?

It brings clarity to your business goals and direction 
It gives you the lead over your competition 
Promotes motivation to employees
Adds value to your company over time 
It builds long terms relationships with customer

Data Search

Everything begins with the collection of data by studying the competition, the market, the brand's history and project goals. Before we go forward we must understand where we have been. Based on the first consultation and the responses collected by questionnaires we draft a proposal for you to serve as a starting point for brand identity. Our proposals include mission, vision and values of the brand.

Logo Design

We offer up to three proposals which are selected by the staff responsable for the job, the selection of the final three logos are choosen among many versions. After the choosen one we present many other versions with different colors and fonts.